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Is This The Year You Join HASTAC?

Is This The Year You Join HASTAC?


I just noticed:  we are now up to 15,944 network members!  Let's see if we can make it 16,000.


HASTAC has a fabulous new leadership partner, Arizona State University.  A fabulous new co-director, Jacque Wernimont.  A fabulous new director of digital content and special projects, Liz Grumbach. A fabulous "veteran" (three years!) HASTAC Director of Programs and Administration, Katina Rogers.  And thanks to the hard work of our fabulous HASTAC Scholars Director Kalle Westerling and our energetic network:  over 250 HASTAC Scholars, graduate and undergraduate students committed to and contributing to the HASTAC mission.  

Why join?

  • Only those who have signed up for can leave comments. 
    • We believe in an open network. "Open" isn't everyone--in fact, many "everyone" networks are vastly discriminatory, abusive, rude.  The opposite of what HASTAC wants when we say we are "Changing the Way We Teach + Learn."
    • We do not believe "open" has to allow trolls.  We don't.  We don't even have much patience for snark.  We are a pretty darn nice network.
    • Anonymity leads to bad stuff.  Sign in to the network; it may take a day or two before you are "approved" (our team has to sort through literally hundreds of bots and spammers and hackers every single day) but once you are, you are a member and stay one until you decide to leave, so long as you are respectful and post content that is part of the expansive HASTAC mission.
  • Everyone who believes in the above is welcome. 
    • You don't need to be a prof or a student.  In academe.  A digital humanist.  Nope.  No rules except community and contribution in the best senses.
  • It's free to join HASTAC.  And  (unlike most free things on the network) we are very careful about your data--and never ever sell it or give it away to anyone else. 
  • As a HASTAC member, you will receive one newsletter every month of the academic year and occasional announcements of urgency.  You almost never receive more than two a month.  We're careful not to clutter your inbox.
  • Join us!  Contribute! 
  • Add your ideas to nearly 16,000 of us "Changing the Way We Teach and Learn" and where "Difference Is Our Operating System."  We welcome your contribution!
  • "Change is all, All is change," to quote Octavia Butler.  And "Change is Us."

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