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Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016 (Still A Few Spaces!)

I'm going to be dropping in at this year's Digital Pedagogy Lab sponsored by the University of Mary Washington to talk to people about how they are using digital pedagogy in their classrooms, to hear some amazing keynote addresses, to attend some sessions--and I've just offered to give a keynote myself while I'm in town.  It's going to be a great learning and thinking and connecting time, and I've just learned they have about eight or ten spots left. 

Come join us!  The details and links are below--and below that is the description of my own talk, "Educating Higher."


Dear Friends,
The Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies at UMW is hoping to find news ways to connect with faculty interested in digital pedagogy, so we'd love if consider attending the event below. Or share with any of your colleagues who might find this interesting.
We invite you all to join us August 8–12 for Digital Pedagogy Lab’s 2016 Institute[], a week-long exploration of the role of digital technology in teaching and learning, at UMW in Fredericksburg, VA.
“If my students had access to this amazing, awesome, open, self-determined space on the Web in which they could do, basically, anything, what could/should/would they do with it?” ~ Martha Burtis
The Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016 Institute includes a week of all-day learning with a small cohort, keynotes, and workshops. There are four tracks: Intro[] (Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel), Praxis[] (Lee Skallerup-Bessette), Action[] (Audrey Watters), and Design[] (Amy Collier). There is also an exciting lineup of keynote speakers for the event including Tressie McMillan Cottom, Cathy N. Davidson, Martha Fay Burtis, and Sean Michael Morris.
The 2016 Institute is nearing capacity, but there are still spaces left! Registration is $950 for the week, or $400 for students, adjunct faculty, and others without institutional support who need financial assistance. To register or read more about the institute, visit[].
We hope to see many of you in Fredericksburg this August!
Your colleagues at the University of Mary Washington’s Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies ―
Jesse Stommel (director), Lee Skallerup Bessette, Nigel Haarstad, Jess Reingold, Kris Shaffer
The Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016 Institute at UMW is a partnership between University of Mary Washington’s Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies and Hybrid Pedagogy.



A Talk and Interactive Session by Cathy N. Davidson
In this keynote address, noted educational innovator and historian and theorist of technology Cathy N. Davidson proposes ways that each and every person can begin reshaping higher education. Her talk begins by looking back at the origins of the modern university and then looks ahead to tomorrow.  Literally tomorrow.  (Or, heck, why not today?)    In this  session, Davidson will engage participants in a number of learning exercises that can be used to turn any classroom in any field into an active, agile, student-centered learning experience.  And the good news?  These same methods also work for faculty meetings, community organizing, and any occasion where the objective is for everyone to learn, for everyone to contribute, everyone to participate productively in change.  As Davidson notes: “You cannot counter structural inequality with good will.  You need to design ways to structure equality.” 



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