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Joining the Time and the Modern University Group

Dear Cornell Graduate Students:

Welcome to our Seminar on Time and the Modern University.  We've created this Group for our Seminar and you will find the readings posted here.  Also, by joining the Group, you will have access to certain readings that are Private to the Group and you can also see a Welcome/Introductions blog set as "Private" on which you can introduce yourselves to one another (and that will only be visible to Group members).

Here are some basic instructions: 

  1. Join HASTAC. Note: You can register with a pseudonym by entering a pseudonym of your choice into the "username" and "display name" fields, and indicating that you are a student in this course in the required "brief bio" segment.
  2. Join the Time and the Modern University Group by following the link and clicking on the blue "Join" button in the right-hand column.
  3. Post your introduction in a comment on the Welcome/Introductions blog, which has been made private to only group members.



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