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Links to Relevant Blog Posts: Suggested Seminar Readings

As background for our Graduate Student Seminar, please read the "Time and the Modern University" Prospectus in this Group and explore around in the resources below.   

I've also posted material for four separate classes taught using engaged, student-centered connected learning methods.

I.  Readings and Resources

"Why Start With Pedagogy?  4 Good Reasons, 4 Good Solutions" 

"Recommended Reading for Engaged Scholars"   A bibliography of key texts on engaged scholarship

"The Pedagogy Project" :  The HASTAC Scholars (primarily graduate students from universities all over North American and abroad) worked together to create a collection of 90+ assignments and projects to shake up your syllabus. Visit this useful and fascinating collection, created collaboratively and compiled by HASTAC Scholars Director Fiona Barnett

Field Notes to 21st Century Literacies This guide to peer learning methods, theories, and practices was collaboratively written as a final class project (an alternative to term papers) and edited in a graduate course in 2014 and has had over 30,000 readers total to its various pages. 


II.  Courses with an engaged, activist component, with documentation, methods, and resources online

"American Literature, American Learning"   in progress, Spring 2016.  Graduate Center, City University of New York

"Mapping the Futures of Higher Education"   Team-Taught with Cathy N. Davidson and William Kelly (President Emeritus, Graduate Center, CUNY).  Offered Spring 2016, Graduate Center and with additional courses throughout the City University of New York

"The History and Future of Higher Education"  #FutureEd  Offered  Spring   Duke University and as a Coursera MOOC, and as a weekly team-taught seminar with Christopher Newfield (UCSB) and David Palumbo-Liu (Stanford), and a face-to-face seminar of thirteen students (Duke, UNC, NSCU) and seventy partnering institutions around the world

"Surprise Endings:  Social Science and Literature" Team-taught by Professor Cathy Davidson (Literature) and Behavioral Economist Professor Dan Ariely    Turned into an outward facing "SPOC" (Self-Paced Online Course) by students from Duke University called "Duke Surprise"  from the original Wordpress "Surprise Endings" course site 







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