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Best Humanities Mission Statement Ever Thx #LaguardiaCC

Best Humanities Mission Statement Ever Thx #LaguardiaCC

Have you ever had to write a Mission Statement and found yourself drowning in a quagmire of bloated adjectives and meaningless lists of intentions?  I have!   As an antidote to all that, check out the inspiring, clear, concise Mission Statement for the Humanities Department at LaGuardia Community College:

 “The Humanities Department at LaGuardia Community College nurtures the creativity and fierce independence of our students through courses that encourage you to interpret the world through unconventional lenses and never blindly accept the status quo. Your curiosity and our stellar faculty are a perfect match to develop your talents. “

It's a great model and it could be used in many fields. I reread it while writing my MLA paper on the role of the humanities in the public.  Keep in mind that LAGCC has more Philosophy majors than any other university or college in the Northeast, the Ivy Leagues included.  No wonder, with such a powerful mission.



Dear Students in AMERICAN LITERATURE, AMERICAN LEARNING at the Graduate Center CUNY:

If you want to get a jump start on what we will be doing this class, read this LaGuardia CC Humanities Department statement carefully and think about what how you would write a Mission Statement for our course.  Think about all the ways this statement defines who will contribute, how, and to what end, with what goal in mind.  If you have ideas, please use the COMMENTS section below and share with us your empowering, inspiring Mission Statement for this course. 

We'll be doing this as a class assignment in this space and you are welcome to get a jump on the process.  This tool allows you to come back and edit--or delete--anything you write as many times as you wish.  Go for it!  


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