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Random Blog Post on a Random Act of Kindness

Random Blog Post on a Random Act of Kindness

Today, as I was waiting to cross a very busy intersection, a man jaywalked through. He was probably indigent, maybe homeless, mentally disabled, muttering loudly to himself. He was a bit out of control but clearly harmless. He was wearing high tops with both shoe laces untied. He kept tripping over them, almost falling. A man standing next to me saw this and leapt forward, shouting, "Hey buddy!" in the nicest tone of voice, and he gently took the man's arm and guided him to a bench by the bus stop. Then he knelt down and tied both of this man's shoes, the way a mother would a child's. He then high five'd him, and finished crossing the street. It was all over so quickly, casually, but I cannot stop thinking about that sweet, generous man and his instinctive solicitude for a stranger who needed him.  


Have a great weekend everyone. We're all in this together. Be kind out there!




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