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Top 3 Things Students Need to Thrive Today #curriculumBCN

Here's the results of the interactive exercise during my talk on "Curriculum from the Classroom Up" at UNESCO Barcelona.   I asked:  “WHAT ARE THE TOP THREE THINGS OUR STUDENTS NEED TO LEARN IN ORDER TO THRIVE IN THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW?”  


The reason I am optimistic about educational change is becaue, whenever I ask this question, people come up with great insights.  We can build on these.  What's on YOUR card?

In 90 seconds, here's what people came up with.  It's a great start!


·      Personalize  (multiple intelligences)

·      Competency based

·      Collaborative learning

·      Curriculum is not something that should be created, laminated and mailed to schools from distant authorities who you will never meet.  Curriculum should be co-created between the teacher and the student.

·      Teaching is more than a curriculum so teachers should be trained in other methods

·      Learning by doing

·      Talk about competencies not subjects

·      Avoid IQ registers, develop multiple intelligences

·      Recognition of the prior learning rather than assessing people for every subject

·      Flexibility in curriculum

·      Move from what to think to why to think

·      Getting students to want to think

·      Taking ownership of the curriculum back from the .03%

·      Keep back importance vs. Knowledge

·      Focus knowledge

·      Do not obligate to a teaching strategy

·      Real world examples

·      Engagement/active learning

·      Language awareness (EX: UK students lack grounding to understand own language and learn others; no basis for application)

·      More experience

·      More flexible

·      More explicit rather than embedded

·      Shift competency-based education

·      Make time variable and mastery constant

·      Design for personalized learning

·      Change credentials/accreditation

·      Break silos

·      Bring work and school closer together

·      School to design the doing

·      Listen to the pupils/students

·      Invent accountability

·      Clarity of purpose

·      Dump the language of delivery

·      New vision of schooling

·      Relevant

·      Practical

·      Assessment

·      Change math teaching

·      Let teacher decide to grade or not

·      Allow flexible schedule

·      Introduce collaborative informal learning

·      Cross cultural discipline support

·      Get rid of standardized closed exams

·      Open curriculum (syllabus) and flexible schedule

·      Authentic activities

·      Alternative assessment (formative, not summative): decline testing

·      Interdisciplinary

·      Useful evaluations: Collaborative, useful evaluations




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