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Mozilla's Mitchell Baker 2:30 Fri Ap 25 Livestreamed #HASTAC2014: Net Neutrality in Jeopardy. Mozilla to Rescue!

After the very depressing ruling by the FCC this week, it is amazing that Mozilla's Mitchell Baker will be talking today, at 2:30, at HASTAC2014.  Could anything be more timely?   It will be livestreamed.   Go the the webpage of the Ministry of Culture of Peru:   All the main presentations are live streamed there  .Watch Twitter #HASTAC2014 for details and live blogging if you cannot get the livestream.


Net Neutrality, from Wikipedia:  "Net neutrality (also network neutrality or Internet neutrality) is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, and modes of communication. The term was coined by Columbia media law professor Tim Wu in 2003 as an extension of the longstanding concept of a common carrier."

And what just happened: " On 23 April 2014, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is reported to be considering a new rule that will permit Internet service providers to offer consumers a faster track to send content, thus reversing their earlier net neutrality position."


I for one cannot wait to hear what the legendary Mitchell Baker has to say.  It is a crisis moment for the Internet.   Mozilla has been a staunch defender of the open access, open source, neutral net.   This is a good fight.   I can't wait to hear more today--and maybe a HASTAC call to action too. 


Join us in person if you are in Lima.  Join us at #HASTAC 2014.

basically ending net neutrality--the founding principle of the Internet that it is one field and everyone has equal acces


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