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Would You Send Your Child to This Institution? #FutureEd

Last week, for the #FutureEd class where students are working in teams to design three very different institutions of higher education "from scratch" (i.e. no cake mix for these learning cupcakes please!), we each evaluated the three model universities from the perspective of "Would You Send Your Child to This Intitution?"   



The three institutions so far:  a two-year college embedded in a four-year university for those who come with no background in formal educational practices and culture and that models fairness for all (no one here is "adjunct"); an apple-orchard/cider-making centered learning-doing environment for smart and seriously disaffected youth who cannot find their way; and an introspective program for students at elite universities who may be so bamboozled by "excellence" and high tuitions that they do not realize their education is, quoting now, "subpar."  


Such an exciting experiment in thinking through the conditions we often take for granted . . .



 Tomorrow, Prof Jesse Stommel, editor of HYBRID PEDAGOGY, will be joining us.   Jesse has admitted he's had a not so secret desire to start his own school someday.  Me too.   So the next round of questions for these "Designing Higher Ed from Scratch" projects will be:  Does this imagined institution serve as a model for others who want to start their own institutions of higher learning?  What new does it offer?  What is missing?


What questions do YOU have?   


Here are the original crowdsourced template questions about what higher education might look like if we really asked ourselves the deepest, most fundamental questions:


Here's an early version of the projects:     


The final projects will all be posted for comments, edits, additions, feedback early in May.  Stay tuned!


ISIS 640/691

Designing Higher Education from Scratch


University: _____________________     Reviewer: _________________

How clear are the educational principles and values implicit in this institution’s mission?  What could the group do to make this clearer, more powerful, more compelling?

What kind of students will this institution attract based on the presentation you saw today? Do you feel this is the school you would have wanted to attend, want to attend?


Do you know of comparable institutions already in existence? Why would you send your child to this one instead of others?

Could your child get in?  Have the entrance requirements been spelled out clearly?  Do you think they are fair and reasonable for this institution?

What is the role of faculty or teachers at this institution?  


Do you think this institution will survive long enough for your child to graduate?   Is it fiscally sustainable?  

What will your child need to do to graduate?  What does graduation from this institution mean? Accreditation, glory, status, skills?  

What are some of the assessment practices  this institution embraces?

If you were not sitting in this classroom, how would you find out about this institution?

Would you send your child there?  Why?  Why not?   (If not, what could the group to do to reassure you that this is would be good place for your child?)


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