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What Kind of Education Do We Want? Making a MOOC Into a Movement #FutureEd

Well, I am having the odd out-of-body experience of previewing the Coursera MOOC on "The History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education)  an hour before the rest of the14,000+ participants can log on.   Actually, the stats suggest that probably only a tiny fraction of that great number who have pre-registered, will actually watch.   But, for the rest of you, especially those watching in activist educational groups--at coffee houses, in classrooms, in seminar rooms, in meeting spaces, in high schools, at one middle school, in a retirement community, and, of course, at the MacDonald's in Otaga, New Zealand--we hope you will let us know what you are thinking, what you are doing, what you are talking about.


We really want to hear from you!   We want to make some noise!   We made this MOOC to start a conversation, to start a movement.  Please, let's hear from you!  


We're using the Twitter hashtag:   #FutureEd

We have a Facebook page:  HASTACFutureEd

You can leave a blog post or comment here on HASTAC.

And we hope you will also contribute to our wiki---one is a bibliography on changing higher education; one is a wiki for classroom innovations; and the third is a wiki for institutional change.  We want success stories!  We want good models that others can emulate:    HASTAC’s #FutureEd portal 

It's not a MOOC--it's a movement.  Join us!




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