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21 C Literacies Grad Class: What We're Doing This Week #Duke21C

21 C Literacies Grad Class:  What We're Doing This Week #Duke21C   It's all fully public.

As a synopsis, here's what we'll be doing together in class on Tuesday:




FINAL CLASS DISCUSSION AND PARTICIPATORY EXERCISE:  Read the really thoughtful comments and then discuss the evolving "RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES FOR NETWORKED LEARNERS":    Add your own comments.  And discuss "critical thinking" and "critical contribution" and the "Spy v. Spy" mentality.  



Dear Cathy,

When you gave us the assignment I am not sure if you said it, but I think you said sketch what you want your site to do or be or something that I interrpreted as such.  I've completed my revised poster at this point.  While it communicates what I want about my professional self/site to do, I think it might only be a "functional diagram" for me, after soliciting the feedback from my family.  One of my goals this semester is to continue to play and experiment.  I took the poster as experimental assignment one.  I just wanted to give a warning. Looking back at the assignment, what happened in my head versus what is written lean against each other, but they might not quite line up. That being said, I can't wait to see what everyone did. I sort of want to bring my camera and take some photographs.




What a brilliant idea to document the documents, Jade.   This could be your class project, if you want.  You do that so beautifully.   "Functional diagram" is intentionally vague.  Check out 4+1 Studios by Ann Pendleton-Jullian, there's a free blog version, for how expansive a "functional diagram" can be.   I'd love you to document this, Jade.  Thank you. 


I'll check in with the class on Tuesday to see if they are okay with it or if they'd like to collectively document. Might be fun to see the class from other people's point of view as well. Or do a combination of the two.

Those diagrams are gorgeous by the way.  Mine has more pictures, but that was a strategic choice/reminder for myself.