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Public Blogs and Video In the Classroom and FERPA Compliance

Last night, at our excellent PhD Lab Session, we talked about the ethics and legalities and practicalities of public classroom blogging, for students and for faculty.   This prompted a lot of questions about FERPA regulations, at least as they are interpreted at Duke, and, behind the scenes, emails are being sent and verified and corrected and we hope soon to have something like a sensible guide for faculty wanting to require public blogging.  We all need this, and, even advance of publication, I'd like to extend thanks to Kevin Smith for his advice and leadership on getting us all some useful answers.


In the meantime, I also asked Kevin about students appearing on videos of our class, something we'll be doing in the Surprise Endings: Social Science and Literature (ENGLISH/ISIS 390) "meta-Mooc" that Dan Ariely and I will be teaching next semester (   ).   Kevin sent me to a library website that includes this sample release form for profs to have signed by their students if they will be appearing publicly on video.   I offer it here for anyone else thinking about such an assignment.  






The purpose of this release is to grant ______ University and its representatives permission to use and distribute via public communication channels the following materials created by me and others as part of a ______ University academic course:


Fall 2006 – Name of assignment goes here (e.g. French 76 film project)

Name of actual work created (e.g. film title, name of document)


Project team members:

Names go here


This release is being granted under the auspices of the Creative Commons  by-nc-nd (attribution – noncommercial – no derivative works) license.  _____ University and its representatives agree to provide appropriate attribution for this work, which will not be used for commercial purposes. ________ University and its representatives also agree not to alter or transform the work except to generate the digital formats necessary for distribution.


I understand that I and other creators retain copyright in this work, subject to this release which allows ________ University to use this work under the conditions stated above.





I agree to the terms of the release as described above.













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