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HASTAC: A POOL Since 2003!

I'm about to have my third interview this week on MOOC's, Massive Online Open Courseware.   Finally, the world has come to understand (sort of) what we've been pushing since our beginnings in 2002 and since we had our first real web presence in 2003:  learning the future together.  Co-designing new technologies for enabling learning.  Thinking critically and creatively about what learning is in a digital age.   And supporting connected, participatory learning.


Let's call it a POOL:  Peer-driven Online Open Learning.   Proudly.    Come on!  Dive in!   This POOL is free, open to all who respect one another, and we're a network of 9500+ thinking through the issues that are finally coming to have an impact on educational thinking everywhere.  It's an amazingly vibrant rich community.   Put in any big term into the "Search" box and you'll see how rich it is.  Go to the SCHOLARS page and you'll find Forums on all aspects of digital thinking.  Go to the COMPETITIONS page and you'll find the amazing work done by grantees of the Digital Media and Learning annual competitions.  Breathtaking thinking. A lovely wading POOL for all of us, courtesy of the incredible HASTAC community.   Working to think through the future together, one blog and post at a time.   You're welcome, world.



Thank you for all you've done and continue to do.


The Pool, the University of Maine's online environment for sharing art, text, and code, was also founded in 2003. So of course we love your acronym!




Doing whirls and twirls into the POOL for a decade!


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