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John Seely Brown's Keynote at Beyond Educational Technology #dml2012

 I pass on this message with url's from Jon Barilone, voice (so to speak) of the DML Hub, about the locations for John Seely Brown's inspiring keynote address at the Digital Media and Learning Conference this week:



Due to the high demand for John Seely Brown's keynote to be made available
and spreadable as soon as possible, we have uploaded the video early! You
can view it now on the DMLResearchHub YouTube Channel at You are encouraged to share it
with your personal networks and we always welcome video Comments.

We've also shared the video:
* on the DML Research Hub Facebook Page:
* on the DML2012 website:
* from @dmlhub:!/dmlhub/status/175990784540155904,
* from @dmlcentral:!/dmlcentral/status/175990781356670977

As a reminder, the DML Research Hub has had several exciting website
launch announcements during DML2012 and we look forward to your input on
these new ventures.

* ( an introduction to
the connected learning model, case studies of individuals and
organizations who embody connected learning's principles, and a weekly
webinar series with high-profile guest speakers from across the DML field

* Connected Learning Research Network ( a deeper
look at the people and research behind the connected learning model, along
with connected learning-related research projects and resources

* Spigot [beta] ( a dynamic aggregation of news,
research, opinion and info for those working at the intersection of
learning, technology, and youth


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