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Here's an even BIGGER Idea for Higher Ed!

Well, after blogging and tweeting yesterday about the tremendous public aggregator of university research in Australia, an online publication called The Conversation, I heard today from lots of people that there is an even BIGGER version already here in the U.S.---and it includes top research from the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia too.  It's called "Futurity," and it is wonderful, and, yes, I should have known about it since Duke is one of the universities that cofounded  it, along with Rochester and Stanford.  But somehow I missed it so now take this opportunity to say how fabulous it is (check it out, it really is fabulous), and how now we have to make sure that HASTAC gets involved to make sure there is even more arts and humanities aggregated as part of its "Society and Culture" category. 


Here's the url for Futurity:


Unlike the Australian version, this takes in feeds from universities but doesn't rewrite them for a popular audience.  Many of the 62 top research universities that contribute have offices that already reformulate scholarly research for the more general public and this outlet gets it out there.   It is already reaching a wide audience, 150,000 unique visitors a month and growing.    And it is available on "hot" apps like Flipboard and Pulse. 


I've been told that Futurity is developing a humanities channel this year .  HASTAC Scholars, HASTAC mentors, HASTAC network members:   let's contribute.  Digital Humanists, non-digital humanists:  we need to add our voice to this important outlet.   We'll find out more and be back in touch but, until then, check out Futurity, the best thing in higher ed in years (even better than yesterday's "best thing)." 


Again, here's the url:


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