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How About a Postdoc in Sweden?

We received an email this morning from our friend and HASTAC Steering Committee member Patrik Svensson, at the HumLab in Umea, Sweden.  I had the good fortune to spend a week in Umea in May and what a fabulous place it is.  The small city buzzes with intellectual life, the university is fantastic, and the HumLab is so richly interactive and rewarding that it would be a great place to begin an academic career.   (NB:  If you are into heavy metal, I believe Umea may well be the head banger capitol of the world.)  


Dear Colleagues:

There are currently two two-year (salaried) postdoctoral positions available at Umeå University - one in the digital humanities (in a very broad sense) and one in participatory digital media. Both are affiliated with HUMlab (the first one directly and the second one through double affiliation).
The deadline for applying is March 21, 2011.
The positions are an important part of a larger effort to strengthen research in the humanities and information technology/the digital at Umeå University and HUMlab. I also see these (and future) positions as ways of strengthening collaboration with international partners.
Please feel free to distribute this information to any potential candidates, email lists etc.
Best regards,
Patrik Svensson
Umeå University


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