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Master's in Knowledge and Networks, Tomorrow at Tech Tuesdays

Please join us for a lunchtime discussion in the Smith Warehouse in Bay 4, room C105 FHI Garage.

Tech and New Media Tuesday tomorrow, November 30th, with Cathy Davidson: Master’s Degree in Knowledge and Networks Duke University

The Problem Addressed: Contemporary institutions of education have evolved over the last 150 years to train students for an Industrial Age workplace that is disappearing in the globally networked digital age. Meanwhile, communities—including local governance structures, media, businesses, nonprofits, and learning and community organizations—are struggling with the burden of adapting to rapidly changing business and communications ecosystems. The corporate world too is reeling with new interdependent global partnerships that require in-depth knowledge of culture, context, and historical change. Contemporary business students or those in the natural and computational sciences have little training in these areas while students in the human and social sciences often have limited practical skills. Few in any field have a grasp of the everyday digital and networking technologies necessary for success. Our current reward system in K-20 education is based on individual achievement in specific academic disciplines. The digital age requires collaborative thinking, creativity, innovation, and flexibility. In short, our current educational system does a good job of preparing students for the twentieth century rather than the one in which we're currently living.
Solution: The Master’s in Knowledge and Networks is the first program at any research university to radically reconceive the basics of how we learn. This is a transformed “re-professional” education designed for the needs and opportunities of the twenty-first century.


Cathy Davidson is the Co-founder, HASTAC; Co-PI, HASTAC, MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition. Ruth F. DeVarney Professor of English and John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Come tomorrow to learn more about this fascinating new degree.


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