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HASTAC November Newsletter

Hello HASTAC Friends,

•  Drumbeat -- The HASTAC East team is just back from the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona and what a success it was! It was very inpsiring to be surrounded by the open source community who has inspired so much work and thought in the HASTAC community. And at every turn it seemed like that inspiration was going both ways--hackers appreciated having members of the institution of education to talk with, plan with, hack with and just interact with. We all learned so much. To our surprise, three HASTAC projects (two by Anne Balsamo and one by Cathy Davidson's FutureClass were selected by Mozilla for further development and to appear on the Drumbeat homepage.  Read more here:

•  HASTAC in the News -- You may have seen the piece in Huffington Post recently (posted October 30th) on HASTAC. John M. Eger, Endowed Chair of Communications and Public Policy at San Diego State, wrote a truly lovely tribute to HASTAC. Check it out:

•  New Steering Committee Members -- We want to extend a very warm welcome to our newly elected Steering Committee members:

Caitlin Fisher, York University
Patrik Svensson, Umea University
S. Craig Watkins, University of Texas at Austin
Dixie Ching, HASTAC Scholars representative, from New York University (one-year term)

We'd also like to thank the Nominating Committee, Julie Klein, Tara McPherson and Kathleen Woodward, for their organization, persistence, timeliness  and attention to all-the-details-that-matter. They are extraordinary and we are so lucky they've served HASTAC so well. Thank you all.

•  Latest HASTAC Scholars Forum -- And finally, we are thrilled to announce our latest HASTAC Scholars forum!

Feel the Noise: Sound, Music & Technology
This forum brings together the humanities, science, technology and YOU to think about noise, sound, listening and hearing.

Come join us to discuss questions such as:
  What does it mean to study sound in the humanities, the arts, the social sciences? 
  How can we discuss the relationship between sound, bodies, and technology? 
  Have you used sound or music in order to teach or learn? In a classroom or not?
  What are you listening to now? How do you hear the world or your community?
  What videos, playlists, experiments, art projects, noises, research projects or other concepts about 'sound' 'noise' or
  'hearing' get you excited?
Like all composition techniques, acts of audio creation carry with them ideological arguments about authorship and ownership, originality and mimesis. Like two sides of the same mixtape, the technical issues of sound production and the theoretical implications of how sound impacts culture are part of the same conversation.
So, if you've ever been curious about music, audio technologies, sonic composition, and DJ culture, or are invested in how sound expands and complicates our conception of important ideas such as memory, race, and gender -- then this is the forum for you! 
Please join our conversation at the HASTAC Forum on Sound, Music, and Technology.
Hosted by:
Will Burdette (University of Texas - Austin)
Sean McCarthy (University of Texas - Austin)
Steph Ceraso (University of Pittsburgh)
Ashon Crawley (Duke University)
William Coogan (Indiana University)
Invited Guests:
Cheryl E. Ball (Illinois State University)
Michael J Salvo (Purdue)
John Logie (University of Minnesota)
Tara Rodgers (University of Maryland, College Park)
Jentery Sayers (University of Washington)
John Gibson (Indiana University)
Dave Haeselin (Carnegie Mellon)

As always, *everyone* is invited to join the discussion - you only need to register at - contact me with any questions!


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