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Digital Promise Update

In 1999, I was approached by a colleague at Duke who knew of my interest in digital media and learning, to meet with the enormously energetic group of distinguished communications leaders who were working to urge Congress to create an endowment for innovations in technology for a future generation of students.  They argued that Congress should set aside funds from the sale of bandwidth for the digital education of the nation in the same way that Justin Morrill had convinced Congress, in the 19th century, to set aside funds from the sale of public land to create the system of Land Grant state universities.  I wrote the brief "The Research University in the Digital Age" for a book called A Digital Gift to the Nation (2001) that was the basis for the brief submitted before Congress.


Now, over a decade after this process began, this new branch of Congress is a reality.   Here's the email I received today from the Digital Promise team so you can read about it yourself.  



As a member of the coalition that helped make Digital Promise a reality, we thought you a would like to see this article which was recently published by the Carnegie Corporation.  It's been a long road but we have finally turned the last corner and have begun the organizational process.  Hopefully we will be fully operational in the new year.

 Thank you for you continued interest in the Center.

The Digital Promise Team

Newt Minow     Larry Grossman    Anne Murphy



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