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INVISIBLE Performance

A Special Performance by: Invisible

Thursday, September 23, 2010
7:00-8:00 PM
Imagine the mysterious inner workings of a modern digital drum machine unpacked and explained by a mad scientist... not in words, but as a demonstration: a spinning disk, thousands of bamboo pegs, springs, levers, outmoded cassette decks, drafted children's toys, finely crafted percussion automatons and miles of copper wire. That's Rhythm 1001, a project of the North Carolina experimental sound collective known as Invisible. The group will bring this and many other innovative musical creations to life at their special performance this Thursday night.

Invisible comes to the Ackland as part of the 2010 SignalFest , the Southeast Electronic Music Festival, which will be held September 22-26 in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC.



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I'm never able to describe them in a way that expresses the wonder and rythm of their live performances. I find them fascinating. Highly recommended.