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Storming the Academy


It looks like HASTAC will have activities on the main stage and will also have a tent with the theme "Storming the Academy" at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona, Nov 3-5, "Learning, Freedom, and the Open Web."   In addition to all that is listed below, we're thinking of a few sessions led by HASTAC Project Manager Nancy Kimberly, "Yoga for Geeks and Hackers."  Nancy is a certified yoga instructor and no one could use a little limbering and meditation like we geeks and hackers.   We are planning so many other activities too, but, for now, here's our official description.


And we are one tiny part of the amazing Drumbeat extravaganza.  For an evolving and exciting schedule of events, check this out:    Between you and me, it could not be more fabulous--the right people, the right moment, the right theme (freedom!), the right city, the right location . . . all perfect for a little academy storming and everything else.  Join us!  This is the one that could change how you think about the world.  Really.


Storming the Academy

Hosted by HASTAC ("haystack": Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory,, a free and voluntary network of networks that, since 2002, has been "storming the academy" by using and developing new media to support interactive, participatory learning and assessment methods, while thinking critically and creatively about the role and importance and equitable access to new media throughout a global society.

Participating in the Activities Tent, members of the HASTAC@Duke team (infrastructure for HASTAC is supported by and located at Duke University) who are also co-administrators (with the HASTAC Team at UCHRI in Irvine, CA) of the HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition:

Purpose: How can we use the principles and platforms of open learning and peer-to-peer assessment to transform traditional higher education and formal learning principles that are deeply rooted in a 19th and 20th century industrial age mentality?

Proposed Activities: (NOTE: We are soliciting more ideas from our entire HASTAC network and will be building this out further in coming weeks.)

  • Storming the Syllabus: Interactive slideshow and wiki showcasing the most original syllabi available in higher ed around the world
  • Storming Scholarly Publishing: Exhibit of various current experiments with peer-to-peer publishing, online publishing, response communities (peer-to-peer book reviews), online bookclubs, and other interaactive sources
  • Storming Tenure: Web display of efforts by several national organizations and individuals to reevaluate the modes and methods of tenure
  • Storming the Grade Book: How can we use Badges and other forms of peer-assessment within the traditional spaces of the academy. Cathy Davidson's "How to Crowdsource Grading" caused an uproar in academe and beyond. How? Why? What was the result? And how can you do it too?
  • Storming IT: IT (Instructional Technology) at universities and high schools is a multi-billion dollar proprietary industry. What can we do, at Drumbeat, to start making and improving upon existing open source tools that allow us to create public and private blogging and communication systems for our classes, better assessment systems, and mobile apps that allow students and profs to communicate with one another and the world.

Here's the link again:    Join us in Barcelona!


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