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Week One in Our Crowdsourced Class: Progress Report

General description:  Collaborative Peer-Led and Peer-Evaluated and Peer-Syllabus-Generated Tutorial:  Future of Thinking (#Unclass10)

This semester, because I'm fortunate to be engaged in so many great projects (like the wonderful Peer to Peer Pedagogy Workshop last Friday that almost everyone in the tutorial was able to participate in), I've invited a very special group of undergraduate and graduate students and one alum, in all majors, to join along for a collaborative, evolving, peer-run, peer designed course. Here's a glimpse of our evolving syllabus.  All names have been removed:



I. READINGS on Privacy (in addition to Benkler, named last week)

(1) Psychology of Twitter:

(2) Timeline of the history of privacy in the US, from Scientific American

(3) BigBrotherIsWatching.Us wonderful blog about privacy online


(5)Talk by danah boyd, Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity. and Why Privacy is Not Dead: The Way Privacy is Encoded into Software Doesnt Match the Way we Handle it In Real Life.


We will discuss J's idea of an overarching class project this term being a mobile class in a box app featuring some of the best possibilities we come up with for a peer-led class. If Mozilla comes up with a badge system at our upcoming Drumbeat Festival, it will be open source so we can add it to the backpack.  A colleague has just put together a  peer evaluation check sheet and Im asking if she would share that with us and we could put it in our Class in a Box.  MC and R's "netiquette wiki seems to be coming along and it would be great in the CB as would S and W's book reading device. 

Everyone, for next class, make sure to check out the work R is doing on some server side PHP and MySQL that will allow for users to login and create accounts for the wiki. 

W reports on a micro-exchange on Twitter a few days ago about cognitive science and reading useful to the project she'd like to be engaged in with S on the reading device.  Spreeder was mentioned, and that we need to think about how to read language visually.  Here's the prompt:

W's suggestion:  Maybe when we are done with privacy we can move to community if anyone else is interested?



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