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Facebook Status Update: I'm doing the Q and A with Sorkin, Eisenberg, Hammer

If you are in Durham North Carolina on Monday night, September 13, come on over to the Carolina Theater.  The publicist for Sony Pictures in our area has asked me to lead the Q and A after a screening of their new film THE SOCIAL NETWORK about the start of Facebook.  The publicist saw that I was featured on Dukes Facebook page regarding a webcast conversation about students learning in a digital age, and thought that I would be the right person to do this.

They are bringing  Aaron Sorkin (screenwriter, The West Wing), Jessie Eisenberg and Armie Hammer the two stars of the film to Durham on Monday, September 13 for a screening of the film and a Q&A session with students at the Carolina Theatre of Durham at 6PM. 


Tell me that doesn't make a hilarious Facebook status update?


Follow up question:   do I go looking like a Professor?   Or do I wear the new black suede combat boots with the three-inch platform heels that I bought in the swankest store in NY this weekend, appropriate (I think) for our "Storming the Academy" Main Stage and Tent performances in Barcelona at the upcoming Mozilla Drumbeat Festival on "Learning, Freedom, and the Open Web?"    I am happy for fashion advice!



I'm supposed to write up something about all this for the local alt-weekly, so I'll be there...


This sounds awesome, and I will make every effort to attend tomorrow.