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What EXACTLY Is Network of Networks?

If you are a Drupal programmer, you've probably already looked over the impressive rfp for a new HASTAC website compiled by our Director of New Media Strategies, Ruby Sinreich:    If you are not a programmer but are interested in how you build up a successful virtual organization, a network of networks, the rfp is a lot more interesting than you might think.  It's not just about half a million page views a year (although we're proud enough of that!), it is about how a distributed, collaborative team converges into a virtual site and ends up with a whole greater than the sum of many, many, MANY disparate parts.   VC's out there, listen up!   There are lessons here.


Ruby's method was fascinating.  I've been involved with building three previous websites and no one has organized our group meetings towards the rfp conceptually before.  I was skeptical at first, although I loved the conversations we generated from talking about what we envisioned for HASTAC and how we saw the website as the one portal through which you could extend outward through the network, and reach inward too, bringing what ever you and your institution had to offer back to the site where it would likely receive more attention than it could on its own.  


It turned out (I'm not sure we would have found this out any other way) that we all possessed different kinds of gifts when asked to conceptualize a virtual network.  Fiona Barnett, Director of the HASTAC Scholars, turns out to be a genius at formulating precise kinds of audiences and how they might or might not be best represented or welcomed to the site (yes, we've always known Fiona's a genius but this was yet another manifestation).   I tend to be a "both/and" kinda gal, so found myself over and over saying, well, it's one kind of Venn diagram if you think about it this way, but it's this other kind when you think . . .     This can make developers crazy but Ruby somehow managed to capture the key point that we need FLEXIBILITY AND SIMPLICITY more than anything else.  


So that's the process on the way to Ruby's eloquent, elegant, and detailed rfp.  If you have further ideas, leave comments here or on the rfp, but do it now.  We hope soon to be in the hands of an able Drupal developer who can make our plans into reality and so we can do even more, in the future, to strengthen our network of networks, all of us who are trying--as our motto goes--to learn the future together.





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