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Tweets from the Final Four

Two students in "This Is Your Brain on the Internet" are in Indianapolis for the Final Four.   (A Facebook friend recently quipped that "Duke v. Butler" sounds like a lost Merchant/Ivory film.  Lol.)    They are offering us the occasional tweet from the game.  Here's a compendium of their tweets so far.  I HOPE there won't be too many.  This is a chance of a lifetime, to be there for the final game.  Enjoy, Alex and Zach, and thanks of thinking of us once or twice during these amazing days. 


There are actually more tweets than this but Twitter is having a very bad day.  So this is just a sampling.  I should also mention that a local NBC affiliate is sending a tv crew to our class today to check out the ways students use media in the classroom.  Today Tosin, Lacey, Jack, and Sharon are our peer teachers and they are teaching us today in Second Life.  It should be a very interesting class.  To find out what else we're up to, use the search term ISIS 120.



I think it is great that you are permitting these students to both cut class and participate.  Go, Duke!


Their first absence all year, and requested in advance.   Each student has to do one public social media component and they asked if they could do this.  I said of course---but make sure to have a good time.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime, by two wonderful, diligent students.  Well played, by the team and by the fans.


Even though I'm not a fan of Duke's basketball team, I totally endorse this use of the Basketball Experience as a learning opportunity! ;-)

Also impressed and entertained by the tweets. You can really can feel it when people "do" social media well.


Yes, it was almost as fun for me, as their teacher, to read their tweets and feel the intensity of what it was like to be there, as it was to watch the game.  And I am very impressed at your generosity.  Above and beyond!   I almost asked if you could put in a live feed as we have with other Twitter feeds but that seemed too cruel to ask.   This conveys the excitement plenty well.   Thanks, Ruby.  (Btw, that photo of Izzy on your Twitter stream is the cutest baby picture in the world.  It makes me smile every single time I see it.  This one, with Mom, is also really great.)


Oh Cathy!  It might have pained me to watch it happen, but I'm professional enough (and I like my job at Dook, after all) to do it in service of The Cause. My husband keeps reminding me I should have some loyalty to the ACC or to teams from North Carolina, but I can at least pay respect to some good basketball playing (no comment on the officiating, grr).

Twitter search widget now added above! Folks can also see all the ISIS120basketball 1 & 2 tweets at


This is great, Ruby.  The students in ISIS 120 will be delighted.