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The Day the Bullet Points Came

Dear, patient HASTAC network members:


As you know, we redesigned our site this summer.  There's lots we love and, o my, we spend a lot of time gnashing our teeth.  Our developer left us with some doozies.


But as you may have noticed, in the last few weeks we have begun to tackle "the website" (the two most dreaded words in  the HASTAC lexicon).  We've had too much on our plate to refocus back on the website in the last several months but, last week, Ruby has valiantly been going in and trying to make fixes, many of which seem as if they should, in any logical CSS world, be easy, but turn out to turn the whole darn site into the White Screen of Death or slightly less melodramatic forms of revolt. We're not sure how much we'll be able to improve before the next onslaught of deadlines and projects takes our attention elsewhere again but, in the meantime, we're enjoying each of Ruby's triumphs in working her way through yet another of our pet peeves on the new site.   Thanks for bearing with the fact that we haven't been able to focus on this until now . . . and that progress will be slow and intermittent.  But we're trying!


So that's a long way of also saying:  we're once again trying to make some improvements but we suspect there may be some hiccups and inconveniences along the way.  And as much as we wish, we cannot (given the rickety architecture) make all of the improvements we would love to make.  Someday.  But it's getting better.


Our triumph of this week:  the reinstitution of bullet points (check out the mean, clean "News" page) and the darkening up of the formerly unreadable yellow color that was never intended to be invisible to the naked eye.  Yes, we know those should be easy to fix but, believe us, it's a little like unraveling strands of fine chain tangled together there in the bottom of a drawer:  you get that fine-gauged knot out, finally, and then realize another one is created from the same process that fixed the first.


In addition to pale lemon turning to a somewhat more readable marigold and the addition of bullet points, we also now have, in the right-hand bar, a series of RSS or email subscription options.   Go, Ruby.   More good things, slowly but surely, will be coming to the site over the next months.


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Thanks to Cathy and to everyone for their patience with our, ahem... UNIQUE web site! We often like to brag that our site "doesn't look like Drupal," but all that customization has come at a price. I have been progressively untangling this web and will continue to both simplify and enhance the web site over the next year.

  • It's amazing
  • how a simple thing
  • can make a big difference!

I couldn't quite pull off the perfect April Fool's Day tribute to our long-awaited (this isn't a joke, actually) bullet points . . . but Ruby did!   Thank you, Ruby, for giving us back this most magical of features.

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  • Are
  • Brilliant!