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Surveillance? You Probably Think This Post Is About You


Today, in ISIS 120, "This Is Your Brain on the Internet," we begin the first of our year-end multimedia collaborative projects.  The first group is looking at surveillance and they've posted this set of links in preparation for our class.  I repost them here for anyone interested in the topic.  Here's the key quote in the O'Reilly piece:  "The social technologies we see in use today are fundamentally panoptical - the architecture of participation is inherently an architecture of surveillance."



This article focuses on the governments use of surveillance techniques in the 21st century:

This article discusses peer-to-peer voyeurism,

This one provides more of a theoretical framework for our discussion, focusing on the digital panopticon:


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Thanks so much for posting this, Cathy.  Just last week, I did a unit on Web 2.0 and surveillance in a FY writing course that I'm teaching this semester that is exploring the theme of "Technocities" (we're looking at the intersection of urban environments and information flows).  I had them read Foucault on the panopticon, and I paired that with coverage of the MIT "gaydar" study, which is something that your students might be interested in exploring, as well:

Boston Globe coverage of the study

the study itself:  Gaydar: Facebook Friendships Expose Sexual Orientation

Thanks again for the links in your post -- I'm looking forward to sharing them with my own students.