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Kvelling over the HASTAC Scholars

Last night at dinner, a visitor to our campus asked me about HASTAC which she had been watching grow and grow over the years.  We ended up talking about the HASTAC Scholars program, only two years old, and what it has meant to so many graduate and some undergraduates too, and what it means to our profession.  I said that, if you are working in new media, you often feel marginalized from every direction.   Given that these Scholars are now a community, offering one another possibilities for networking and support and collaboration, the HASTAC Scholars program also means that one can counter one's sense of institutional marginalization (not all Scholars feel this way, but some do) with a sense of professional connection.   She said it was even more than that:  not only are they professionally connected, they are forging future directions.   By having such a critical mass (there are now over 200 past and present HASTAC Scholars), they are at the forefront of professional changes that many of us established professors want to understand.   They have the imprimatur of being, quite officially, the standard bearers of that future.   Nice.   That made me feel proud.  I kvelled.


I'm also kvelling over the amazing online Forums that the Scholars have hosted and contributed to this year.   There have been five so far, on topics ranging from "Evaluation in the Digital Age" to the current "Queer and Feminist in New Media Spaces."   This current forum is one of our liveliest ever, and the Scholars have been joined by a host of famous scholars and new media artists who are generously sharing their time and ideas, contributing to one of the liveliest and most thoughtful of the characteristically lively and thoughtful HASTAC Scholars Forums.  


We invite you to join the HASTAC Scholars.  You can browse even without being a member of HASTAC.  To comment, you need to register and, in our network of networks, registration constitutes membership.  It's free.  We don't ever give away our mailing lists.  And we usually send to the list only a few times a month and, if it is too much, you can always unsubscribe.  As a member, you can comment on any blog and you can blog yourself.  You can also post events and calls for papers and proposals to our Events and News pages.   We get a lot of traffic, a lot of eyeballs as they used to say in the old days of new media.   Join us!


Here is the astonishing list of scholars who are generously contributing to this Forum.  My personal thanks to all of them. 


Additional forthcoming interviews with:

  • Elaine H. Kim, University of California, Berkeley and Filmmaker
  • Sonny Nordmarken, University of Massachusetts
  • T.Kebo Drew, Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project




   And here's a compilation of all of the HASTAC Scholars Forums to date.  It's impressive.  I'm kvelling and kvelling and kvelling some more. 



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