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This Is Your Brain on the Internet: ISIS 120

I've written about my "This Is Your Brain on the Internet" course several times on the site, but nothing I've done has gained quite the notoriety as blogging about "How to Crowdsource Grading."    You can find that post here:    It's been seen by about 10,000 unique visitors total and has been written about pretty extensively too.  A lot of people, apparently, really care about grading!


If you are interested in the content and conversation in ISIS 120, please follow me and my students in the course on this HASTAC site.  We will be using the tag "ISIS 120" on our posts and that way you can easily find all of the different posts we make.  There will be weekly blogs from the students and I'm hoping that the others who will be sitting will also blog.  The class will have about 18 undergrads, one TA (Alex Greenberg), two Teaching Apprentices (William Hunt and Ashon Crawley), and then two auditors who are part of the HASTAC team (Mandy Dailey and Nancy Kimberly).   That's a pretty good ratio of undergrads to post-grads, and that is essential to the structure of the course, too, since we are trying in all ways to "mix it up."  


On Don Tapscott's blog you will find the term "uniquely qualified minds" for a form of collaboration that takes advantage of the different things any of us have to offer in a collaboration--unique with our own unique qualifications in different situations.  We'll be exploring that method, and this blog will be a great place to follow our progress.    Remember, ISIS 120 is the tag to search foe!


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