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Evaluation Wiki from MLA: Join Us, Everyone!

I was excited today to receive the email from Rosemary Feal, Executive Director of MLA, announcing the unveiling of the Evaluation Wiki, an online Wiki for "The Evaluation of Digital Work."  It is part of the MLA's Committee on Information Technology, and allows any teacher or scholar to contribute to it, offering content on developing, gathering, and sharing material about the evaluation of digital work for hiring, tenure, promotion, and other rewards of our profession. 

HASTAC has been writing about this for a long time but never came up with an idea this brilliant, to make it a wiki.   You cannot champion new forms of publishing for academics if it will hurt their career.  If they are going to pioneer new kinds of multimedia literacies and multimedia publication, we also need to change standards for what counts as worthy of rewards. 

Right now, over 80% of Carnegie Research university English Departments insist  a university-press book is required or very important for tenure.  What is the equivalent of a university-press book in the academic system of rewards?  What "counts"?  These are crucial questions for the future of the profession and we hope all HASTAC members will think of contributing to this Wiki in order to contribute to that future.

We're honored to be mentioned as part of this project and we here invite all HASTAC members to contribute.  


Here is the link to the Evaluation Wiki and, below, I've cut and pasted a sampling:


The Modern Language Association rocks!




Evaluation Wiki

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The Evaluation of Digital Work

This wiki is an ongoing project initiated by the MLA Committee on Information Technology (CIT) as a way for the academic community to develop, gather, and share materials about the evaluation of work in digital media for purposes of tenure and promotion. These materials were initially conceived, written, and hosted by Geoffrey Rockwell when he was a member of the CIT (2005-08). The wiki is now maintained as a collaborative project of the MLA and other interested parties, such as HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Advanced Collaboratory).

Any teacher or scholar interested in contributing to this resource may do so by becoming a registered user (click on "create account" above).

Disclaimer: This wiki is an online open-content collaborative of individuals and groups working to develop a common resource for the profession. As such, it does not represent the official positions of the Modern Language Association. The structure of the project allows anyone with an Internet connection to alter its content.


  • Types of Digital Work - A list of types of academic digital work with thoughts as to how they might be presented for evaluation and how they might then be evaluated.
  • Stories - A collection of fictional and real cases with suggestions as to how these cases might be prepared and evaluated.
  • To Do is a list of things to do to improve this wiki.

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