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Interaction and Change

Philosopher, semiotician, novelist, and professor Umberto Eco recently said:  "If you interact with things in your life, everything is constantly changing.  And if nothing changes, you're an idiot."   He noted this in an interview in Spiegel On Line, which can be found at

One of the DML Winners, Daniel Poynter, posted this intriguing interview on Facebook, then I reposted it, then feminist theorist Katie King noted on my FB post the interesting etymology of the word "idiot"  (Eco, of course, would know this).   The word comes frm the Greek idiotes, which means "unconnected, private."    I did a little more research and discovered that, in the middle ages, it took on the particular meaning of a layman who was unconnected to anyone else, not in a guild, not in a professional, with no relationships to others, no network (so to speak) with whom to share ideas.  


One learns a lot on Facebook.  But, that takes us right back to Eco.  One also learns, through such interactions, how to change, how to expand one's point of view, how not to be (so to speak), an "idiot."  


And that's my interconnected, interactive, networked learning for a Saturday morning.  Have a great pre-Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!


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Hi Cathy -

Thanks as always for the energy and time you put into this networked knowledge learning (such as your comment on my recent blog post -- I posted a kind of refinement of that initial, all-over-the-place post today, inspired by knowing that someone out there was reading it!). Happy holiday.

- Michael