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One Million Giraffes

I just learned from my Facebook Friend Jimmy Wales (he has about 5000 FB friends) about a project called One Million Giraffes:  someone trying to collect 1 million drawings, animations, or other hand-created images of giraffes by the year 2011 in order to illustrate the gentle collective powers of the inernet:    I'm fascinated by these collective projects.  Why do we do them?  Why are they fun?  What do they mean to us in their very meaninglessness?  


That's today's thought.


Here's another.  The HASTAC Scholars, individually and collectively, absolutely rock.  Whatever we thought we were seeing on the horizon back in 2002 when we created HASTAC, I'm not sure we ever dreamed that, so soon, there would be so many brilliant, engaged college and graduate students who were able to take the vision and run with it faster, farther, and more creatively and critically than we could have anticipated.   HASTAC is shaped by its network.  A network is what HASTAC is.   The HASTAC Scholars are doing just that.


Today's shout out:  HASTAC Scholar Bridget Draxler of the University of Iowa has been live blogging many events on public scholarship.   Thanks, Bridget, and thanks to all the HASTAC Scholars for reshaping the HASTAC network!


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