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This year, instead of a face-to-face international conference, HASTAC is staging a number of smaller, distributed events at established conferences where HASTAC network members are already going to be present and active.  Using this new method, we honor a financially difficult year for all (we won't be adding to your travel budgets) and we also hope that more of you can meet one another and that the HASTAC@ events will provide a good opportunity for you to find new collaborative partnerships, fellow travelers, potential new members of our HASTAC network, and so forth.


Any HASTAC member is invited to make a proposal for a HASTAC@ event.   Right now, we're getting ready for HASTAC@AIS, the Association for Integrative Studies, at October 8-12, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Special thanks to HASTAC Steering Committee member Julie Klein Thompson and the HASTAC Scholars at Wayne State University for being our leaders for HASTAC@AIS.

Details about AIS are below.  Julie and her team will be liveblogging and perhaps even vlogging some events for us this week on the HASTAC site.


So how do you lead a HASTAC@ event?

First, you write to Nancy Kimberly, HASTAC's Project Manager, and propose an event.  For example, if you are on a panel at a national conference, you might want to designate it a HASTAC@ event and invite people to the panel and then invite them out later and all have coffee or lunch together.  More ambitiously, you might propose an information table or even a HASTAC@ cash bar.   Later, you or one of your colleagues, blogs, vlogs, or mini-blogs (tweets) about the event to let us all know how HASTAC@ went.  


If your proposal is accepted, HASTAC central sends you a "kit" for these @ events:  we send you the hot new HASTAC t-shirt for the organizers, a stack of business cards, buttons, bags, and trifold brochures and, if you need it, a loaner FlipCam with a return mailer.  


At AIS, there will be a HASTAC cash bar, I believe, and an info table and some HASTAC Scholars from Wayne State University in HASTAC t-shirts and/or buttons to let people know about our event.




In the spring, we're planning a mega- virtual HASTAC, instead of a face-to-face international gathering, courtesy of the generous and brilliant technology and humanities folks at UIUC and NCSA.   We'll keep you up to date on that as more details emerge.



In the meantime, check out information about HASTAC@AIS below:

The Association for Integrative Studies (AIS) is a national organization of scholars, teachers, administrators and advisors devoted to the study, improvement, and dissemination of interdisciplinary research and teaching. The organizing committee of the 31st Annual Association for Integrative Studies national conference is pleased to announce that Dr. Timothy Eatman, Imagining Americas Project Director for Research and Policy, will be this years keynote speaker. Dr. Eatman will address IAs recent and crucial Tenure Team Initiative Report and its implications for engaged interdisciplinary work. We continue to accept proposals on the theme of Creativity and Play Across the Disciplines for this years gathering.

This year's conference, Creativity and Play Across the Disciplines, will be held in Tuscaloosa, AL.

For more information, please visit our website:


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