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Crowdsourcing the Stars: Galaxy Zoo Needs You!

Dear Zooites

Galaxy Zoo needs your help once again, this time with a special
project to search for supernovae exploding stars. Images of likely
candidates captured by a telescope in California are being fed to our
website at . Astronomers are standing
by in the Canary Islands to follow up on the most exciting
possibilities, but first we need your help to decide where to point
the telescope. Please take the time to go to the site, read the
tutorial and then start hunting.

Of course, if exploding stars dont excite you, we still need your
help with Galaxy Zoo itself over at . Zoo 2
is progressing well and well have exciting news in the next
fortnight but every click is still important, and will help us make
more discoveries like the Peas small, round, green galaxies first
identified by Zooites, which appear to be the sites of the most
efficient star formation in the local Universe.

Your normal Galaxy Zoo account will also now get you into the forum.
As Alice, one of our very friendly moderators says : Any time you
have a question or you'd like to show and discuss the galaxies you
find, please join us at It's a friendly
community and you are likely to get plenty of answers to your
questions. Good places to start are the Newbies thread, or just come
and say hello in the caf.

Thanks as ever for all your efforts which make Galaxy Zoo possible,
whether its in discovering supernovae, classifying galaxies or just
chatting on the forum.

Chris & the Galaxy Zoo team


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