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Tribute to Life and Legacy of Emory Elliott, June 1

University of California, Riverside presents
A Tribute To The Life And Legacy Of Emory Elliott

Monday, June 1, 2009
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
University Theater, UC Riverside
900 University Avenue
Riverside, CA 92521

Please join colleagues, friends, family, and students as we honor Emory Elliott.

Emory Elliott was one of the world's most distinguished scholars of American Studies. He published two groundbreaking books on early American literature, but his scholarship and teaching encompassed American literature from the Puritans to Postmodernism. Emory dedicated himself to the most generous understanding of what the field of American Studies might be, and what an academic department can do - since the start of his career he was a passionate advocate and mentor for his subject, his students and colleagues. Emory joined the U.C. Riverside English department as Professor of English in 1989 and was appointed University Professor in 2001. He also served as Chair of UCHRI's Board of Governors. As an advocate for a rigorously inclusive University, he championed diversity in faculty hiring and new areas of inquiry. You would often see Emory on campus or at his favorite spot, Jammin' Bread, sharing coffee or lunch with a junior faculty member and listening with complete attention to a description of the book in progress and offering advice about publication. He gave invaluable moral and material support to so many of us.

Scholars across the country and across the world came to know UCR through Emory's inspired and dedicated work as director of UCR's Center for Ideas and Society. As Director, Emory brought major initiatives funded by grants from the Ford and Rockefeller foundations to the campus, and sponsored landmark conferences, such as "Aesthetics and Difference," which placed Riverside at the center of national discussions of a progressive future for the Humanities. As President of the American Studies Association, Emory took great pride in furthering opportunities for international exchange and collaboration, believing that scholarship and education were crucial to a more peaceful and just world.

Speakers will include UCR Chancellor Timothy White; Brown University President Ruth Simmons; David Theo Goldberg, Director UCHRI; Lisa Lowe, Professor of Literature, UC San Diego; and students and faculty from UCR....

The program will be followed by an informal reception.
For more information please contact
UC Riverside memorial website for Emory Elliott:


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