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DML Does Chicago: Photo Tour by a Pro Posterer

In order to get the word out about the PLOrk concert we were putting onat the Newberry and the full-day of events showcasing a year in thelife of the first winners of the HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation DigitalMedia and Learning Competition, we tried every imaginable form ofmedia.   You name it, and we were on it (and Mandy even got called an"adorable spammer" by one person whose list she "visited").  


But thenwe learned the best way to get college students was postering, real live old-fashioned postering, and we found out a lot of high tech firms as well as music companies hire college students and others to go around and poster.  It's a whole profession!  So wehired a professional posterer. He asked us great question, including whether we wanted him to document his postings, not all of them but enough for us to get a sense of where he'd been, what he'd done.   We thought that would be a treat for our readers, the Posterer's Tour of Chicago.


So here's Kyle's photostream of where heput up signs, a really eccentric and interesting Poster Tour ofChicago.  Thanks, Kyle.  We had SRO only for all our events and oneperson specifically said he came because of the poster.  You can readall the blogs and view the vlogs on this site if you weren't there. And now you can enjoy the Posterer's Tour of Chicago.  Enjoy!


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