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Korean Netiquette (Courtesy of TYBI Class Again)

Once again my "This Is Your Brain on the Internet" seminar is doinggreat work.  Monday's collaborative presentation by Jennifer, Tom, andJeff did an excellent job of putting the concept of "addiction" inperspective--relative to other addictions (reading gothic novels,amateur violin playing, tv watching) and within different cultures. Etiquette on the Internet too (surprise, surprise!) is culture-bound. Watch this great video on Korean Netiquette, teaching young childrenthat, though faceless, the Internet is a community in which we are allknown and all responsible and where interaction is precious.  Snarky? Not so much.   


It reminds me of being in Japan surrounded by people on cell phones and never hearing anyone's voice.   Not quite the case here in the U.S.   But why should rudeness be confined to "real life"?  


Here's the link to the Korean Netiquette video:


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