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INTERFACE: Visualizing Collaboration

The HASTAC Scholars Forum on "The Future of Digital Humanities" led byNEH's Director of the Office of Digital Humanities Brett Bobley andHASTAC Scholars Michael Gavin and Kathleen Smith has brought up somevery interesting points about collaboration. In 2006-2007, HASTACorganized the In/Formation Year around eighty institutions co-locatedat a dozen sites, with one public online event per month. Duke'sInFormation topic was "INTERFACE" and our Franklin Humanities InstituteSeminar met weekly to work on issues of human/computer interfaces andthen worked together on an installation in our Virtual Reality andsensor spaces to visualize collaborative networks. Here is the fruit ofthat project, archived online: The project was led by Tim Lenoir, Priscilla Wald, Rachael Brady, andHarry Halpin, with input from all of the scholars in the Seminar.



Special thanks to Brett Walters, former HASTAC Webmaster, for the photograph of several HASTAC members and family in the DIVE with the visualization experiment.


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