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The Future Is Now: II

Greetings All:

It has been almost a year exactly since Paul Hammond and I published "The Future is
Now" on youTube. I notified the HASTAC-list that we had done so and the response I
received, on list and off, has been invaluable. So, first, a long overdue thank you for the
advice, the suggestions, and the questions.

Last month, I presented our latest effort with new media collaborative composing on a
panel at the MLA, entitled "How We Teach Now," organized by Gerald Graff. Paul and I
have ground that talk, and the accompanying visual piece, down to 14 minutes. Because
"This is How We Dream" exceeds youTube's now firm limit of 10 minutes per video, it has
been posted in two parts.

For those interested in the discussion of how Web 2.0 technology is transforming the acts
of reading and writing, we invite you to check out "This is How We Dream" at

and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you.

Richard E. Miller
Chair, Department of English
Executive Director, Plangere Writing Center
Rutgers University

Paul D. Hammond
Director of Digital Initiatives
Department of English
Rutgers University


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