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"Digital Media and Learning" at MLA

I've already blogged about the MLA panel that I will be participatingon that includes three winners of the HASTAC/MacArthur FoundationDigital Media and Learning competition and focuses on participatorylearning in higher education.   That session is #468: Humanities 2.0: Participatory Learning in an Age of Technology December 29, 2008 8:30-9:45 a.m. GoldenGate 5, Hilton.


I also recommend the session that DML Winner TimLenoir will be participating on at 7:15-8:30 PM, Golden Gate 5, Hilton,Session 421. "Digital Immigrants Teaching Digital Natives." His paper is called, "Blessed Media: Living and Learning with Videoblogs and Game-Based Environments."


Please spread the word and do join us for both of these exciting sessions that help to promote participatory learning in higher education.  The MacArthur Foundation's Initiative is "building the field of digital media and learning" and higher education is one of those places that is both contributing to the knowledge in this new field and in urgent need of addressing those students who come into higher education with new ways of learning.   So ofteh they have also learned how to park those new modes of learning outside the classroom door.  We have to change that.  We have to find ways to build upon new modes of learning and also to think of how to make connections across domains (digital and otherwise), and how to help think together with our students about the new implications raised by the digital world that has shaped them and that they, in turn, are shaping.


I hope you will spread the word about these conversations at MLA and join us if you are planning to be in San Francisco for this convention.   And do let us know about panels, talks, and other places where you might be spreading the word, too, about participatory learning. 




Cool! I blogged asking about MLA, so this is perfect. Do you think I could film some of your panel for a vlog?


That would be absolutely fantastic if you did. Could we post the vlog to this site?


It was your post that inspired my post, btw.


I'm happy to see an MLA meetup taking shape! Looking forward to meeting you and others. The vlog is here!