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Report #3: Outsider Art, Bahamas, Wellington Bridgewater

Outside the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas are three cement sculptures that evoke apocalypse and command attention.  These are all by Wellington Bridgewater, a local visionary or outsider artist.  These are powerful works, beautifully constructed, evocative of great visions of justice, damnation, deliverance, and other reckonings.

We learned that Mr. Bridgewater was recently forced to leave his house to live on a boat.  Many of the installations in his garden were destroyed and he isn?t doing very much sculpture anymore.  You can?t really create cement sculptures on a boat, so Mr. Bridgewater is doing more and more of his work on canvas.  

We were fortunate to be able to see half a dozen or so of these works on canvas at New Providence Art and Antiques (Saffrey Square, Bank Lane, 242 328-7916;

Jay Koment, the owner of New Providence Art and Antiques, is a raconteur, a collector, a historian, and a passionate supporter of the local avant garde Bahamian arts scene.  He had a fantastic piece (?Hero?) by John Cox in his gallery as well as some small pieces by Lillian Blades, and work by several other Bahamian artists.   It?s a great place to begin your venture into a different Bahamas.   




Images by Cat in the Stack, of work by Wellington Bridgewater, taken on the grounds of the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, August 2008. 


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