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East Coast Shout Out to West Coast: UCHRI Rules!





UCHRI and Duke have been co-partners in running the infrastructure of a"virtual network of networks" known as HASTAC for over five years now. Guess what, virtual networks take a lot of work, a lot of teamwork, alot of coordination, and fantastically gifted and talented peoplewilling to go the extra mile. This is East Coast (Duke) shouting outto West Coast (UCHRI) with a huge thanks and appreciation for all youdo, dear friends and colleagues!


As readers of this blog know, we are counting down now for the launch of the second HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition. This morning, in preparing for the launch, I came up with an agenda for the next three weeks (we will be launching sometime in mid-August). It is close to five single-spaced pages long. And that's just the Duke side. When you are at a time like this, with everyone working full steam, you have to take a moment to breathe in and realize that you are extremely lucky to have such phenomenal colleagues, people you trust and count on every day. I often write about our Duke team, since we work together daily. But none of us forgets for a second that we are only half of HASTAC's infrastructure and the other half resides with an amazing group of people at UCHRI. This posting is an appreciation to them, the people behind the scenes who keep it all running.


If I am forgetting someone, I hope someone from UCHRI will pop on and add a comment. Right now, we Dukies are bursting with gratitude to the UCHRI team for pulling off website drafts and a new Fast Apps system for the competition that is even better than last year's----and people in the industry said last year's was state-of-the art.


If this were a jazz concert, this would be the part where the bandleader comes to the front of the stage and introduces each band member and then they play a solo and the audience cheers. Here we go:


On Fast Apps, the coolest coder in the world, with the best of drumkits, fancy snares and a lot of cymbal: Mr. KHAI TANG (drumroll, a flash of code now: applause!) Brilliant. Just brilliant. Thank you Khai! (The crowd is cheering: Khai! Khai! Khai! Khai!)


Playing "back up" on percussion (or the server): Mr. JUSTIN TANG. We couldn't do it without you, Justin.


Writing that text, keeping it rolling, smooth as silk, she's leading the rhythm section on the Vibes: ANNETTE RUBADO-MEJIA.


On bass guitar, looking cool in the background and keeping the band on beat, JESSICA PHAM. (Let's hear it for Jessica, everyone!)


And of course the groovy quartet, the background singers, the hipsters who know how to fill in the sounds, make the harmonies, bring it all home: IRENA RICHTER, YOLANDA CHOO, SHANE DEPNER, JENNIFER WILKINS


And our Vocalist Extraordinaire, the Star, the Comma Diva, Ms. All That, SUZY BEEMER (the crowd is going wild) . . .


And, finally, not but not least, the UCHRI CALIFORNNOVATION TechnoMobile TechnoTraveling On the Move On the Groove All-Star Band is brought to you by the the one, the only . . . Director, Leader, Producer, Surfer . . . DAVID THEO GOLDBERG . . . (standing ovation everyone)


The East Coast Kids over here (Jonathan, Mandy, Mark, Brett, Sheryl, Erin, Zoe, and Cathy) are applauding too. We love you guys. We thank you. And we can't imagine anyone better to be counting down with . . . a 1 and a 2 and a 3 . . . .



Photos taken at CalIt2 at UC Irvine, at HASTAC 08 hosted by UCHRI.The first is a slide from a keynote address by Howard Rheingold and thesecond is David Theo Goldberg presenting, along with Richard Marciano,from their terrific project "Redlining California." Photos taken byBrett Walters, HASTAC's Web Maestro Extraordinaire














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