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Welcome, Mandy Dailey!

We're delighted to welcome new Program Coordinator for theHASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition,Mandy Dailey. Mandy started last week, and is already helping us to gear up for the new Digital Media and Learning Competition which we will be launching at the end of August.


Mandy's previous position was Advertising and Publicity Coordinator in the journals division at Duke University Press, one of the nation's most innovative online and traditional journals publishing enterprises. Mandy has worked as a project manager and as a conduit between academics and the public in the world of scholarly publishing. She has overseen website redesign, project development, design and creation of advertising programs, creation of media kits, publicity, press releases, and web copy. She's a fine writer and also has numerous computer skills, graphic talents, and is a pro at various media. She's also taking the lead as the "chief of staff" of our complex, distributed Duke half of our bicoastal HASTAC/MacArthur team.


Mandy is a graduate of the University of Washington Seattle (one of our HASTAC leadership institutions). And, to our surprise, we all just learned that, like Sheryl Grant (our new Director of Social Networking), she attended Evergreen State College. To find two people in North Carolina with that Northwest pedigree is pretty unusual. When this amazing convergence was noted, appropriate jokes were exchanged about Geoducks becoming GeoDukes. (Do I have that right, Evergreen Gals? I'm not sure I quite know even what Geoduck is . . . but there seems to be one on YouTube, below.)


I cannot begin to say how good it feels to have Mandy join our team. We're up to full throttle again, ready to roll. Mandy's smart, engaged, bold, delightful, stratetic, innovative: the right person to be coordinating our Duke team's contributions to the DML Competition and working with future competitors, the press, the general public, and future winners.


We suspect she and Sheryl will be leading us all, soon, in the Geoduck cheer . . . Mandy, WELCOME!


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