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"Snapshots": Photos and Theory by Larissa Hjorth

Photographer and media theorist Larissa Hjorth presented on research and theories in her forthcomingbook at Digital Youth East Asia and has allowed HASTAC to show some ofher terrific photographs from SNAPSHOTS: PORTRAIT OF THE MOBILE, her book of portraits of phones and their users. She notes that these portraits explore "the ways in which we imbue mobile technology as an extension of ourselves; both in terms of self-expression and self-identification but also as an object inflected by the particularities of the socio-cultural. In the face of industry hype about the so-called 'prosumer' or 'user as producer,' this project seeks to provide an intimate window (or screen shot) of these 'users' and their diverse relationships to the phone."


I'm especially intrigued by the gendered uses of technologies like the mobile phone and, as you see from the terrific photos above, so is Larissa Hjorth. Special thanks to Larissa for allowing us to use her images. Enjoy!


Here's Larissa's bio from the conference: "Larissa Hjorth is a researcher, artist, and lecturer in Digital Art in the Games Program at RMIT University, Australia. She is one of the first researchers to investigate gendered mobile media in the region since 2000. Her work has appeared in many journals including Convergence, Continuum, Asian Studies Review, and Journal of Intercultural Studies. Routledge will soon be publishing her monograph, Mobile Media in the Asia-Pacific: Gender and the Art of Being Mobile.


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Btw, I just wanted to point people to an online journal, MC, and a special issue Olivia Khoo and I edited last year on the 'mobile' in Asia-Pacific for those interested...