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Center for Urban Schools Improvement, Chicago

The Center for Urban Schools Improvement in Chicago is an after-schooldrop in space for Chicago public school kids on the Southside, acommunity center, a cafe, an art space, a technology space, ascience-lab, a library, a video studio, a recording studio, ateacher-training space, a teacher-support space, a parent-kid meetingspace, all of that, alive with energy and thought and creativity andinspiration.   I blogged about this earlier:, about the great day with the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Initiative friends, thinking together about social networking, getting out the word about our projects, and then taking in this lively space where some of MacArthur's work is happening in conjunction with the Universityof Chicago and Chicago Public Schools and some fantastic Chicago teachers.   A special shout-out to Nicole Pinkard who directs the Digital Youth Network project and who hosted us in Chicago.


Here's the photo journal.  I especially like the mural on the wall of this beautiful facility with its fiercely inspirational motto:  "Be Shark Like:  Rise!"


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