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Get on the Bus! Excitement Over HASTAC II

For the next few days, I will be posting about the upcoming HASTAC IIconference "TechnoTravels/TeleMobility: HASTAC in Motion" that will be held May 22-24, right before Memorial Day, in sunny southern California . . . HASTAC, of course, is distributed---and this year's conference is distributed across UCHRI, UC Irvine, UCLA, and with leadership also coming from the University of Southern California.
We've heard from HASTAC II planners that this year's conference is shaping up to be rich, full, and inventive, with state-of-the-art technology, and multimedia art, papers, panels, demos, hiperwalls, lighning talks, performances, plus mobile seminars on the busses.
Registration has been extended so more people can enjoy thistechno-travel extravaganza. Get on the bus!

Space is limited, so register now.
For detailed information about the event and for registration information, please visit:

TechnoTravels/TeleMobility: HASTAC in Motion
I will post later this week about Howard Rheingold, the opening night keynote speaker, and the great series of videos he is doing about attention and teaching and digital youth. For a sneak preview, here's his website:
I'll also post later this week about Curtis Wang, the second keynote speaker, who is director of the Transliteracies project and Manager of Next Media Research Group at Microsoft, and who will be previewing the WorldWide Telescope, an amazing new technology for simulanteously viewing multiple views of the solar system, and with Web 2.0 interactivity for citizen astronomers.
And also about the LIVE art exhibit at the Beal Center for Art and Technology
And then I will give glimpses into some of the other mobile activities planned for the conference.
My fav thing is that there are plans for actual sessions and events to take place on the busses themselves, as we take our technotours of southern California between sites, between Irvine and LA, two techno-capitals where immigration patterns and technology patterns overlap in important ways. All that and more, coming soon.
And for those who want a taste of what a HASTAC conference is like, the remarkable Catherine Angst has edited quite a lot of footage from the panels on the first HASTAC I conference "Electronic Techtonics: Thinking at the Interface." You can watch the whole thing by viewing on the HASTAC homepage, clicking on that left hand block, or you can watch the edited trailers of individual panels on YouTube.
View the trailers of the first annual HASTAC conference, Electronic Techtonics, in April 2007 on Youtube here:
... and here: Type in "HASTAC" and you'll see several, plus the two below.
And, coming in the next view weeks, the conference proceedings, on line and in book form, available from Lulu and in an interactive version on this site.
And, finally, our summer project is to make HASTAC more Web 2.0. We welcome ideas. We want your collaboration, your energy, your ideas, your contributions. It's all voluntary, but we want to step it up a notch.
Lots is happening on the HASTAC bus. We're excited. And we look forward to seeing you on the bus.

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