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Typology of Discarded Shoes

The Once-a-Decade Shoe Closet Clean-Out. . .

Typology of Discarded Shoes:

*Shoes that lived a long and honorable life, aged gracefully, and are ready for their final resting place (or at least Goodwill). Old soles.

*Designer shoes snapped up at a fraction of retail value. Worn once.

*Dopey emergency shoes purchased on vacation because of blisters caused by the glam ones--smart, smart--packed for the trip (see above).

*Eccentric, fashionable, ahead-of-their-time kicks that failed to find their historical moment.

*?They?re more comfortable than they look,? she said (but didn't define ?comfortable?).

*Ebay purchases. Seemed like a good idea.

*Four-inch stilettos that wore like nine-inch nails.

*Pink ballet slippers. Prada. (Really?)

*Handmade purple tango shoes. (They seemed brilliant in Buenos Aires.)


Shoes that should have been discarded long ago but won?t go to Goodwill today either:

*The Museum Exhibit. For the ones that were never meant to be worn in the first place (see transparent Comme des Garcons pair above).

*Aged shoes that remain brand new and alive in her heart (you can?t throw away ankle boots with red wooden heels worn on Limantour Beach at Point Reyes on the loveliest day ever).

*Selva tap shoes. Forever young.

Somewhere in here, there?s a moral applicable to old media/new media (but it?s DIY on this rainy Saturday). The only obvious connection I can make is that Howard Rheingold, he of the famous Painted Shoes, is keynoting HASTAC II. I blogged about that yesterday. Maybe that's what inspired the Great Once-a-Decade Shoe Clean Out.


Soundtrack, ?Wolf Like Me,? by TV on the Radio, blasting away as I sort shoes. Next up: little black dresses. Have a great weekend, everyone!




My friend Tyler is lol over my pink Prada ballet slippers and is drawing comparisons to the Pope. I'm not sure I like that. z



Even better, see Howard's "How to Paint Little Murals On Your Shoes" for DIY footware from the pro: