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Digital Youth Research Forum: April 23

The team that has spent three years of ethnographic work on 22 different case studies of youth engagement with new media (funded by the MacArthur Foundation) is going to be hosting the first major public presentation of its research on April 23 at Stanford. Below is Dan Perkel's blog posting about the event from Digital Youth Research, This one is not to be missed! Read about it below:


Kids' Informal Learning with Digital Media


Public Forum on April 23

OnApril 23, at Stanford, we will be giving our first major publicpresentation of the outcomes of our research. We are near the end ofthree years of ethnographic work on 22 different case studies of youthengagement with new media. The MacArthur Foundation and Common SenseMedia are organizing the evening event (4:30-8:30pm).

It will include talks and poster presentations from four of our teammembers: Heather Horst, Dilan Mahendran, danah boyd, and Mimi Ito.There will also be a panel or respondents including Tim O'Reilly ofO'Reilly Media, Deborah Stipek, dean of the Stanford School ofEducation, Linda Burch of Common Sense Media, and Kenny Miller from MTVNetworks. There will also be an opportunity to talk to all of the otherresearchers on the project and learn more about the various casestudies. You can prepare for both small talk and big talk by readingsome of our stories.

The event is public and you can see program details and register to attend this event (By April 18) at:



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Global Kids will be LiveStreaming this event. For more information, go to the Global Kids webpage for the event: