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By Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg

The HASTAC-MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Competition was announced publicly on August 15, 2007. The Competition closed October 15, 2007, with an overwhelming number of applicants. We had planned for approximately 300 applications, and received more than triple the prediction. The range and diversity were extraordinary, as we have conveyed in earlier blogs in this series. Each application was read by two initial judges, scored, and ranked. The finalist pool of 80 proposals was scrutinized and discussed in detail by 10 experts. We ended up awarding 17 stellar projects. We hail all the applicants, and heartily congratulate the winners.

The projects awarded funding can be clustered into four broad areas: global outreach and networking; games and do-it-yourself sites; pedagogical and research tools for classroom and self-learning; and activism and self-advocacy. The learning fields funded range across science, technology, computer science, engineering, politics, civics, environmental studies, education, social media, law, public policy, disability studies, the humanities, linguistics, history, journalism, media, art, and music. They involve game development and networking, hand-held technologies, social networking sites, interactive filmmaking, wikis, blogs, aggregators, and actual fabrication tools. They bring together design, implementation, entrepreneurship, and learning communities across the United States, India, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Thoroughly interdisciplinary, collaborative, and interactive, they engage youth groups and university students, school kids and college faculty, language learners and philanthropists, activists and artists.

From today forward, awardees will engage each other in networked mentoring, helping to address common challenges and questions across their respective projects. Online workshops will focus on topics common to many if not all the funded projects: on budget management and marketing, game development and product distribution, knowledge networking and the move from design and implementation to market. Public online tools will allow you to learn more about these projects as they develop. Towards the end of the funded year there will be a demonstration forum for the projects to be showcased.

To see a list of winners and their project descriptions, please visit the competition website at

And stay tuned for the next HASTAC-MacArthur DML Competition. If you are registered to this HASTAC site, you will be the first to receive the announcement of the new Competition, which will be announced this coming summer.

We wish we could have awarded twice or three times as many applications?there were so many worthy projects. We applaud the innovation, creativity, and vision in this robust field of digital learning, and wish you all success.


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