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The New Humanities

How do we educate our students for success in a Web 2.0 world? That's the question asked by Richard Miller in "The Future is Now," a video presentation by Miller, Chair of the Department of English at Rutgers University, to the University's Board of Governors. In less than ten minutes, he does a fantastic job of both honoring the accomplishments of his department and fitting those into a framework of "the future is now," an idea that we are in the midst of a technology boom and we need students who can read, write, and, I would underscore, think critiically, and with historical and cultural depth of understanding. I like the term "new humanities" far better than "digital humanities" since "digital humanities" already has one quite specific meaning. Miller's "new humanities" encompasses the digital (archiving, information sharing, data bases, and all of those important components) but is far closer to HASTAC in its underscoring of the larger theoretical needs for the humanities now. He is speaking specifically on behalf of the discipline of English and I hope this fine video presentation becomes a model for other humanistic disciplines as well. It's impressive. Watch now and spread the word!


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